LED頻閃儀 LED Stroboscope

Brand: Monarch Instrument / USA

Nova-Strobe LED Portable Stroboscopes


The Monarch Nova-Strobe LED family of rugged industrial stroboscopes provide an extremely bright, uniform light output for performing stop motion diagnostic inspection and RPM measurements. The twelve LED light source is extremely efficient which means long battery life and continuous cool operation. A wide operating range of 30-500,000 flashes per minute covers all applications. The Basic BBL is designed for simple stop motion inspection and RPM measurement applications. The Deluxe DBL adds internal phase shifting, memory for up to 5 preset flash rates, N.I.S.T. calibration certificate and tachometer mode for speed measurements up to 500,000 rpm using optional remote sensors or TTL pulse input/output. The top of the line Phaser PBL has all the features of the DBL and adds external phase delay, time delay and virtual RPM mode. The PBL will also run continuously, 24/7 with the power supply/recharger. Each unit is available stand alone or as a kit.


Flash rates from 30 to 500,000 flashes per minute
Diagnostic inspection and RPM checks
Digital LCD backlit display
Tripod mounting bushing (1/4-20) in handle
CE marked and RoHS compliant
Flash rate may be displayed in Flashes per Minute (FPM) or Flashes per Second (Hz)
Adjustable brightness control
Lightweight Industrial design
12 button keypad makes entering flash rates extremely quick (DBL, PBL models)
Individual input and output TTL jacks (1/8 inch phone) provides power to remote sensors and allows “daisy-chaining" of multiple strobes. A Tachometer mode allows accurate speed measurement up to 500,000 RPM using external sensors (DBL, PBL models)
Brightest portable LED strobes available
NIST Certificate of Calibration included with DBL and PBL models
Continuous operation, 24/7 (PBL)

Energy efficient with long battery life (8-10 hours typical)
Extremely bright, uniform light output
Completely silent
Cool operation
No lamp replacements
Extremely high flash rates (up to 500,000 FPM)



Nova-Pro LED Stroboscopes/Tachometers


Nova-Pro is a series of powerful portable visual inspection and speed measurement tools.  We have combined all the features of our hand held LED stroboscopes together with a full function laser tachometer to create a compact, ergonomic and extremely powerful two in one predictive maintenance tool.  The stroboscope light source is made up of twelve LED’s which are extraordinarily bright yet extremely efficient allowing cool continuous operation and extremely long battery life (up to 19 hours on a single charge). Continuous operation is also possible with the optional AC adapter.

Nova-Pro 100:  Designed for simple stroboscopic stop motion inspection and RPM measurement applications.The integral laser module is an optional item that can be added to make the 100 a full featured tachometer.

Nova-Pro 300: Has all the features of the 100. It includes the integral laser module for tachometer mode or strobe trigger mode and adds a high contrast inverse blue LCD display with back light and touch sensitive number pad for setting flash rates quickly, ultra high intensity LED’s for even more light output, memory for up to 10 preset flash rates, input and output jacks for external sensors or pulse repeater output and NIST calibration certificate.

Nova-Pro 500: Has all the features of the 300 and adds an additional standard battery pack, remote laser docking station, phase delay,time delay and virtual slow motion.

  • Stroboscope and Tachometer in one tool
  • Super bright LED’s
  • Integral/removable laser module
  • Splash resistant IP54 enclosure
  • 1/4″ x 20 tripod mount
  • Ergonomic one handed operation
  • Removable rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Continuous AC operation available
  • TTL compatible input/output jacks (300, 500)
  • NIST Certificate of Calibration included with 300 and 500 models
  • Energy efficient with long battery life (9-18 hours typical)
  • Extremely bright, uniform light output
  • Completely silent
  • Cool operation
  • No lamp replacements
  • Extremely high flash rates (up to 999,999 FPM)
  • Visual running inspections of: Fan blades, motors, shafts, gears, rollers, webs, belts,
    sheaves, chains, sprockets and much more without having to shut down your process
  • Diagnose alignment issues
  • Determine speed of rotating equipment using strobe or built in laser tachometer
  • Troubleshoot high speed automation processes by placing them in virtual slow motion
  • Print quality inspection
  • Textile processing inspection
  • Phase reference balancing
  Nova-Pro Model
Features   100 300 500
Reflective LCD Display:   X    
White on blue LCD with back light:     X X
Touch screen control:     X X
Standard output LED’s:   X    
Hi-output LED’s:     X X
Input/Output Jacks:     X X
Tachometer mode internal*:   X X X
Tachometer mode external:     X X
Programmable memory:     X X
Internal phase shifting:       X
Phase delay:       X
Time delay:       X
Virtual RPM mode:       X
    *Optional on 100

Remote Laser Dock
Remove the laser module from the Nova-Pro
and insert it into the Remote Laser Dock with
tripod mount. Plug the cable into the external
input jack (300, 500 models) and make
measurements in hard to reach or unsafe areas.

AC Power Adapter
The 115/230 Vac power adapter allows
for continuous operation. Included with
certain models or may be ordered separately.

Battery Charging Station
The battery charging station quickly recharges
the replaceable Lithium Ion battery packs for
your Nova-Pro

    100 300 500
Flash Range (FPM/RPM):   60 To 999,999
Display:   6 Digit Numeric And 5 Digit Alphanumeric LCD Reflective 6 Digit Numeric And 5 Digit Alphanumeric LCD With Touch Keypad. High Contrast Blue Background/White Characters With Back Light
Accuracy/Resolution:   0.001% Of Setting Or ±1 Lsd/6 Digits To 0.001
Light Source:   12 LED Array 12 High Output LED Array
Flash Duration:   Adjustable To 14 Degrees/3000µsecs Max
Light Output:   3400 Lux @ 6000 FPM, 12 Inches (20cm), 2° Duty Cycle, Max Light Output: 24,000 Lux 5500 Lux @ 6000 FPM, 12 Inches (20cm), 2° Duty Cycle, Max Light Output: 30,000 Lux
Color Temperature:   Approx. 6200°K
External Triggers In/Out:   N/A TTL (12Vdc Max) Input. Provides 3.3 Vdc TTL Output
Tachometer Mode:   0-999,999 RPM With Integral Laser (Optional) 0-999,999 RPM With Integral Laser Or External Input
Programmable Memory:   N/A Yes (10 Set Points)
Internal Phase Shift:   N/A Yes
Phase Delay – Degrees:   N/A -360.0 To 345.0 Degrees
Time Delay – Milliseconds:   N/A -50.000 To 50.000 Msec
Virtual RPM (Slow Motion):   N/A -60.0 To 60.0 VRPM
Operating Time:   Standard Battery Pack: 9.5 Hours Typical (6000 FPM, 2° Duty Cycle)
Hi-Capacity Battery Pack (Optional): 19 Hours Typical (6000 FPM, 2° Duty Cycle)
Power Supply (Battery):   Removable/Rechargeable Standard Li-Ion Battery Pack With 115/230 50/60Hz Recharging Station Removable/Rechargeable Standard Li-Ion Battery Packs (Qty. 2) With 115/230 50/60Hz
Recharging Station
Power Supply (A/C): 115/230 Vac 50/60Hz AC Adapter With 6 Foot (2M) Cable And Interchangeable Outlet Adapters (Optional)
Weight:   1.4 Lbs (635 Grams) With Standard Battery
1.5 Lbs (680 Grams) With Hi-Capacity Battery
Size (H X W X D):   9.5 X 3.75 X 5.5 In. (241 X 95 X 140mm)
Housing Material/Rating:   ABS/IP54


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