HS20-2 加熱磁力攪拌器 Hotplate Stirrer

HS20-2 加熱磁力攪拌器 Hotplate Stirrer

DigiLogTM Stirrers, Hot Plates, and Stirring Hot Plates


New, Hybrid Technology offers digital and analog features for easy, reproduceable use at analog hot plate, stirrer and stirring hot plate prices.

Product Description:
The new Digilog series represents state of the art electronic technology applied to simple hot plates and stirrers. In effect, these units are hybrids of analog and digital units combining features of both to make reliable, easy to use units that are priced like simple analog units. All are UL, CSA and CE compliant.

Digital Features
3-digit display of heater power as a percent of total range for easy resetting. No need to mark the heater knob or front panel.
Membrane keyboard setting of all parameters. Easy scroll up or down settings. No mechanical controls at all!
Two memory keys for saving your 2 favorite combinations of temperature and stirring speed for one button instant recall at any time.
“Plate Hot” red LED illuminates when plate temperature goes above 50°C and stays lit when the plate is hot even after the unit is turned off. A really nice safety feature.
Main power ON/OFF button on the front panel for easy, safe access. Prior settings are retained when the unit is turned off and the unit will return to those settings automatically when turned on again.
Indicator lights and ON/OFF buttons for heater and stirrer power. Turn either off with a single button. Turn on again and the prior settings remain.
Heater power regulated even through changes in line voltage. Heater temperature stays much more stable than standard analog units.
Low plate temperature settings as low as 30ºC.

Product Specification:

Hot Plate: Solid ceramic top
Maximum temperature of the plate surface 450°C
Time to maximum temperature, unloaded under 5 minutes
Temperature control ±2.0°C
Heater power, watts 400 watts

Stirrer: Speed range unloaded 100 to 1500 rpm
Maximum load, aqueous 2 liters
Magnet strength 20 pounds
Weight capacity on heater surface 35 pounds (15.75kg)

Operating voltages 230VAC
Power consumption: 450 watts , 35 watts
Current Draw 100/115VAC: 3.5A 230VAC: 1.8A

Unit size 10″(25.4cm) deep, 7″ (17.78cm) wide, 4.5″ (11.43cm) tall

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